Nylon American Flags

Recommended Flagpole Size:15'-20'
Size:3' x 5'
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Recommended Flagpole Size:25'
Size:4' x 6'
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Recommended Flagpole Size:30'
Size:5' x 8'
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Recommended Flagpole Size:35'
Size:6' x 10'
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Recommended Flagpole Size:40'
Size:8' x 12'
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Recommended Flagpole Size:50'
Size:10' x 15'
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Recommended Flagpole Size:60'
Size:12' x 18'
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Recommended Flagpole Size:70'
Size:15' x 25'
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Recommended Flagpole Size:80'
Size:20' x 30'
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Recommended Flagpole Size:80' +
Size:30' x 50'
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Recommended Flagpole Size:80+
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  • The United States flag represents the 50 great states of America and the 13 original colonies; it is a symbol of freedom and liberty and a beacon of hope worldwide
  • Our Nylon flag combines the beauty of a fully embroidered starfield with the highest quality 200 denier nylon fabric for a beautiful flag that will fly smoothly in the lightest breeze
  • We embroider our star fields in house and then carefully assemble each flag for maximum wind resistance with double-stitched unidirectional chain stitching on every seam and a full ¼” turn on all seams to produce the longest lasting flag on the market
  • Our fly hems are finished with four rows of lock stitching and a 102-stitch X-box reinforcement at the top and bottom to resist against tattering
  • We use color matched T60 thread which can withstand up to 60 lbs. of force and it is the strongest thread used by any major manufacturer on the market
  • For the strongest headings in the industry, we use a heavy duty 9 oz. super white Poly Sateen with 2 brass grommets on each flag
  • Made in the U.S.A. Our flags are certified by the Flag Manufacturer’s Association of America which certifies our flags have been made in the U.S. of materials that are domestic in origin and that all processes in every step of its manufacture were completed in the U.S. facilities with U.S. labor
  • Flagpoles Etc U.S. nylon flags are made for both commercial and residential use and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Regardless of where the flag is displayed its bright colors and beautiful construction will be a welcome addition to any location

Recognized as America's #1 choice of U.S. flags. These flags are expertly crafted using heavy-weight bunting made of 100% nylon with lustrous beauty, superior wear plus excellent flyability even in the slightest breeze.


Unsurpassed in beauty and craftsmanship, these nylon American flags are manufactured to precise specifications. Authentic seals and designs are always in correct proportion to the flag size. Our Aniline-Dye process duplicates complex emblems with exacting accuracy in brilliant, fast colors. These flags are expertly crafted using 100% heavyweight, 200-denier nylon bunting specially treated to resist sun and chemical deterioration. America's #1 choice, these flags are extremely durable and fast drying. All outdoor flags are finished with a strong, durable snow-white header and brass grommets. 


There is a reason that care for American flags requires following a strict protocol: the US flag is the most important flag in the country. As such, selecting a top of the line 200 denier nylon US flag is crucial. Flagpoles Etc. is proud to offer outdoor US flags made from Endura nylon flag bunting so that customers can display their flags with confidence. 


Flags are no longer created equal. 


Is your flag not lasting long enough? Finally a flag with extra stitching for added strength and longer lasting flags. 


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