Residential Flagpole Lighting 15'-35'

Size / Style:120 Volt Flagpole Lighting Kit

• LHS100 Halogen Swivel Spotlight
• 75w Heavy-Duty Halogen Spot Bulb
• 17" Heavy-Duty Black Ground Spike
• 1/2" IPS Threaded Dusk-to-Dawn Photo Control
• Heavy-Duty Waterproof Seal on Lens and Swivel

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For Flagpole Size:15' - 30'
Size / Style:12V Low Voltage Flagpole Lighting Kit

ADC 12 Cast Aluminum with Powder Coat (Bronze Finish)
• 2FT. STP-2 18AWG lead wire
• 8-1/2” Non-metallic Spike
• Silicon-filled Wire Nuts
• IP rating: IP67, Wet Locations
• 50' of Low Voltage Wire
Dusk to Dawn Photo Eye

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Size / Style:THE ROCK Low Voltage, 12V Flagpole Lighting Kit

The Rock Flagpole Lighting Kit (Low Voltage)
25# Rock W/ Acid Stain (Grey Color), 17"x17"x9" High
12 Volt transformer with built-in dusk to dawn photo eye with timer
Black aluminum canister spotlight 4" diameter
Heavy-Duty LED bulb
50' of low voltage wire
Easy do-it-yourself installation instructions

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Flagpole Size:25'- 35'
Height:7 2/5"
Color:Dark bronze
Diameter:8 1/2"
Part number:C-FL-B-RDM-5L-50K-DB
Finish: Polyester powder-coat
Size / Style:Flood light
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Part number:FPLHAT

White Rigged LED Fixture
500 LUX / 1300 Lumens / 15 Watt Consumption
Dusk To Dawn Photo Eye
12 V Transformer
50' Low Voltage Wiring,
5 Year Warranty
Easy Do it Yourself Installation Instructions.

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Flags are stately and elegant on their own, but truly showcasing their beauty requires the right lighting. Residential flagpole lighting is the solution to get that perfect lighting. Because of their spotlight beams, Flagpole Etc.’s residential flagpole lighting assures that only the flagpole is lit, rather than the entire yard. From subtle lighting fixtures that camouflage into the ground with their stone like appearance to flagpole topper lights to 12v in ground residential flagpole lighting, these lighting kits allow residential customers to be able to find exactly what they need to display their flag with style.



Illuminating the flagpole outside of your home allows you to keep the American flag out at night while showing it the respect that it rightly deserves. We have a wide variety of Residential Flagpole Lighting options available from spot lights that focus illumination directly onto the flag to flood lights that are mounted on top of the pole. Our selection even includes discreet lighting options that will blend right into your landscaping. Every light that we carry, bears a breakage-resistant tempered glass lens and a waterproof seal as well as UL listing for outdoor use in all seasons.


The trick to choosing the right light for your flagpole is to first find a light fixture that not only is rated for outdoor use but that also has a leak free seal that prevents water from penetrating the glass lens and entering the housing providing quality protection even in the case of a five gallon pail of water is dumped on the top of the fixture. Most outdoor lighting is protected from the major weather conditions by bushes, walls and overhangs but flagpole lighting points directly upward in the middle of the yard, so it's important to make sure your flagpole light is top quality with the best protection. Another important quality to consider is the ability to spot the total wattage of the light output to the flag.  Most lights are designed for landscaping and have a flood fixture designed to light your entire yard and not your flag 20'-40' in the sky.  Flagpoles Etc. provides a unique lighting product line that addresses these issues to make sure you don't make a mistake putting the wrong lighting at the base of your flagpole.  We are lighting professionals that have personal experience lighting poles at homes, banks, churches, schools and dealerships including poles up to 150'.