Internal Halyard Hardware


Welcome to the Flagpole Hardware page for Internal Haylard Flagpoles. These are the flagpoles where you raise and lower your flag by the Cam Action Cleat or Winch on the inside of the flagpole and locks into place by it own individual mechanism.


For our Internal Halyard, there are two options for the hardwear. The winch and or our cam cleats.

The winch system requires a winch handle. This allows you to control the halyard by moving up and down. The difference with this system, is that it's a crank. With it being a crank, to operate it, you must rotate the winches handle in circular motions. This is not physically strenuous due to the help of the pulley system that goes with the winch. The simple circular motions allows the flag to move up and down the pole with ease. The winch handle is removable, with this being possible, you have an option to buy a lock that replaces that hole. It is to prevent people from tampering with the flag or flagpole when not in use. For further information on size, click tabs

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The cam cleat is spring loaded, allowing the halyard to fit snug behind the cleat and stay in position with the little grooves designed in cam cleat. To adjust the halyards length, you simply lift up the cam cleat and adjust to your liking. It's as easy as flipping a light switch!



Customers in need of replacement Internal Halyard hardware for their flagpoles can find exactly what they need in a wide variety of sizes from Flagpoles Etc. From 20’ Flagpole Cable Assembly to 80’ Flagpole Cable Assembly to beaded retainer rings to a wide selection of 1/8”cable flag arrangement wires to counterweights, customers will find everything they need with one convenient click.


Flagpoles Etc offers all kinds of replacement flagpole parts for any part of your old flagpole or if you are looking to make your own flagpole, we have everything you need to finish it off to make it look just as good as the brand new flagpoles we sell everyday. Our flagpole accessories are top notch products and will make you more then happy you purchased your flagpole hardware with us! Please note, if you do not see the flagpole parts you are looking for anywhere in our online catalog, feel free to contact us directly and we will find the flagpole parts your are looking for. For flagpole hardware, shop no further because you have made it to the right store with the right products. Thank You For Visiting!!!


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Cast Aluminum Revolving Truck with Hood Truck/Pulley
Halyard, Stainless Steel Aircraft Cable

Cable Flag Arrangment 

Halyard, Stainless Steel Aircraft Cable

Two Snaphook Assemblies, Swivel Chrome Plated Bronze & Neoprene Covers Flag Snaps/Clips
Plastic Covered Counterweight



Beaded Roller Sling Beaded Retainer Ring
Flush Access Door with Cylinder Lock, Winch, and Handle Winch Or Cam Action Cleat
Spun Aluminum Collar

Flash Collar

Ground Sleeve Assembly (Typically Galvanized Steel Sleeve)

Commercial Ground Sleeve

Residential Ground Sleeve