Basketball Systems



Backboard Superiority


  • H-Frame Technology- the innovative design combines unparalleled dynamic ball response with lifetime durability.
  • 3/8" Competition Fully-Tempered Glass Backboard- built to withstand the toughest environments in all kinds of weather.
  • Pick Your Size- Goalsetter Systems offers four backboard sizes to best fit your basketball needs. choose from 42" x 72", 38" x 60", 36" x 54" or 32" x 48".



Height Adjustment


  • Internal Compression Height Adjustment Mechanism- Goalsetter's patented Compression Height Adjustment Mechanism is the feature that allows the rim height of your Goalsetter to raise and lower infinitely from 6' to 10'. Goalsetter's unique internal compression height adjustment provides a smooth, effortless adjustment with a simple turn of the height adjustment handle and is more efficient and safer than standard tension jack mechanisms used on other height-adjustable basketball systems.
  • Height Indicator- The easy-to-read Rim height Indicator, located on the side of the mast, allows for easy rim height selection and verification.
  • Height Adjustment Handle- The removable Height Adjustment Handle and optional Keyed Pinlock allow your Goalsetter to be locked at any height.



Pole Design


  • Extension Arms- Wide-grip, one-piece, die-formed Extension Arms effectively counter backboard torque.
  • Off-Set Pole Design- Primary purpose of the off-set pole design is to allow for a height adjustment system that is under compression (GoalSetter is the ONLY company with a compression jack) versus a tension jack. Off-Set design minimizes shake and is built to last! Constructed of structural steel, the counter-balanced Off-Set Pole Design aids in reducing the wear and tear on the joints of the system and assists in its durability. More importantly, this design enhances the stability and play of the backboard for years of home court play.
  • Corrosion Resistant Paint Process- A two-part, acrylic-enamel paint process provides years of corrosion resistance. Each Goalsetter basketball goal receives one coat of primer followed by two coats of high gloss finish. The basketball goal is then run through ovens to ensure good adhesion and proper cure time.



Ground Anchor


  • Ground Anchor Hinge System- Goalsetter's patented Ground Anchor Hinge System provides a solid foundation to ensure superior performance and durability. Unlike standard direct-bury methods or "J-Bolt" anchor systems, the Goalsetter Ground Anchor Hinge System uses a square 42"-long structural steel anchor to give you the strongest foundation available.
  • Easy To Assemble, Easy To Use- The Ground Anchor Hinge System allows complete assembly of the Goalsetter goal before it is raised upright. The entire installation can be completed by two or three people without the use of ladders or scaffold. If you move, simply take the system off the existing ground anchor and purchase only a new anchor to install at your new home.



Custom Color


  • GoalSetter Provides Color Customization- for any basketball system. This unique offer is perfect for sports enthusiasts who want to support their favorite teams or for those who need to adhere to Homeowners Association requirements.
  • Custom Color Options- With over 180 colors to choose from, finding the perfect hue for your basketball system is easy! The entire goal can be painted one color or support your favorite team by painting the pole one color and the extension arms another color. The possibilities are endless!